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SAM Project organises regional forums
Published: 2016-12-06 14:00:00

In cooperation with the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry, the Minerals Resources and Petroleum Authority of Mongolia and local governments in Khovd, Uvurkhangai and Khentii aimag (provinces), the SAM Project organised the annual ASM regional conferences to relay appropriate messages on ASM development in Mongolia, and share best practices and lessons learned, challenges and solutions.

The conferences also provided an opportunity to showcase SDC and government interventions that have been undertaken in relation to organising and formalising ASM, improving occupational health and safety, formalising the ASM supply chain and creating a knowledge hub.

In 2016, Mongolian parliamentary and local government elections were held, which were won by the opposition MPP. Central and local government officials were replaced in the wake of the elections. As a result, there was a need to provide newly appointed officials with information on the ASM situation in Mongolia.




Sustainable Artisanal Mining (SAM) Project of Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) is seeking a Service provider to conduct a detailed and thorough assessment of current ASM National Federation’s (ASM NF) institutional capacity in terms of its strategic leadership, governance, management, engagement and services to its members, human resources, financial system and management and sustainability.



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